Water Fast To Lose Weight Fast

Water Fast To Lose Weight FastPerhaps, you’re looking to utilize a water fast to lose weight fast.

Lose weight fast – I’m sure you and I can agree to the fact that’s something that we all want LOL

Not only do we want to lose weight fast.

We want to keep it off to avoid any rebound weight gain.

All over the internet, there are so many different types of methods that we can utilize to lose weight fast.

We have low carb dieting. . .

Vigorous exercise ( hopefully you steer clear of this one LOL )

Carb cycling. . .

Cryotherapy. . .

And the list goes on.

But, specifically, you may be interested in trying a water fast.

Maybe someone near and dear to you has done it before with great results.


Maybe you’ve tried everything else but nothing seems to work to help you smooth out those love handles and other troubled areas.

Personally, I do tons of water fasts.

As I find it completely necessary because of the toxicity that we are exposed to on a daily basis.

Some people may even question if it is healthy and of course it is!

When you understand how water works and it’s original function…

AND when you understand how the body works when we abstain from food…

Then you will know, without a shadow of a doubt, that water fasting is extremely conducive to our health.

Let’s get into the details.

The MAIN Reason Water Fasting Works To Lose Weight Fast

I touched on this point briefly in my intro.

But do you have any idea of the MAIN reason water fasting works to lose weight fast?

That’s right. . .

We STOP Eating

Weight loss is just, THAT simple LOL

Nowadays, everyone is looking for that “magic bullet”. . .

That magic diet or potion to allow them to lose weight without having to do anything.

Society is just too soft and people just don’t want to pay the price for all of the junk that they’ve been eating.

But the main thing that a water fast allows you to do is simply stop eating.

When we do this, our bodies change into a different mode.

And THEN, it starts to consume our daily, maintenance calories by metabolizing out stored energy.

A.K.A. our body fat and toxins within the body.

Needless to say, it gives our body not only time to clean house.

But, we also give our bodies time to heal as well.

It IS our fault, but then again it isn’t.

All day, everyday, we are bombarded with food advertisement after food advertisement.

If you watch more than an hour of TV per day, then the chances of you being exposed to those addicting, fast food commercials are extremely high.

The mainstream media wants us to eat, all day, everyday and even late at night.

And THIS is the cause of all of our health issues and dis-eases.

Who would have known that simply pushing away a plate…

And abstaining from food…

That it can allow us to shed the excess pounds that we’ve been running on the treadmill to get rid of.

Not to mention that our digestive tracts need a break to rest and heal from the food we’ve been shoveling down nonstop.

But not eating is just the first piece of the weight loss puzzle when it comes to a water fast.

The next piece is the power, and primary function of water.

Another Reason Water Fasting Works To Lose Weight Fast

In case you haven’t seen any of my millions of other posts on water LOL

Water, in its natural, pure, DISTILLED state, has a negative electrical charge to it.

When we come out the womb, we are a clean, pure, newborn baby.

THAT is our purest state and just like water in its natural state, we have a negative electrical charge to us.

After all, we are 90% water, so it makes sense that this is the case.

Here’s where things get interesting…

Everything that doesn’t belong in our body has a positive electrical charge to it.

This includes the body fat…

The candida…

The arthritis…

Simply put, ANYTHING that does not belong in the body and isn’t naturally US has a positive electrical charge.

When we drink water, the moment it enters the body, it goes on a seek and destroy mission.

Basic magnetics tells us that opposites attract – they SNAP together like a magnet.

And because of this, we are able to fully clean house and get every nook and cranny that our body has been storing waste in for years and decades.

This IS the true definition of holistic healing.


I don’t want to digress from the main point which is to lose weight LOL

So, your body fat is positively charged to your body.

And a water fast will allow you to come at it with a double-edged sword.

Not only is your body working to burn up and metabolize any unwanted and excess fat…

But also, the water that you’re drinking is directly eating away at body fat because magnetics MUST balance out.

This is a universal law that is still in effect, and science has proven this a countless number of times.

Conclusion – As Always, Pace Yourself

Before you attempt ANY type of fast. . .

You MUST get approval from your family doctor or physician.

Water fasting is something that can most definitely shock your system.

The reason being is because not everyone is used to abstaining from food and only drinking water for a long period of time.

Nor are they prepared.

There will be withdrawal symptoms.

There will be headaches, nausea and other things happening to show you that your body is detoxing in real time.

As I always say on my posts regarding fasting. . .

Pace Yourself

I cannot stress this enough.

You don’t want to try to be a hero…

And then come to find out that you had to be rushed to the hospital because your body shutdown and you got the shakes.

I am not saying this to scare you – only to prepare you for what you will be up against.

Start slow – try going for a full day on just water.

As always, keep an emergency piece of fruit – a banana or apple handy.

OR a granola bar, as it’s less perishable and easy to store and carry with you.

Try this.

Stay disciplined and I guarantee you that you will lose weight faster than you could have ever imagined.

Feel free to comment below and keep me posted on your results 🙂

Water Fast To Lose Weight Fast

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Fasting and Money Go Hand In Hand!

Fasting and MoneyYou know. . .

I’ve gotten a bunch of questions about whether or not fasting and money are related in any way.

It would only make sense, right?

I mean, we read the Bible, and we see not only many scriptures talking about money.

Especially in Proverbs.

But we also notice that there are many references to fasting.

If the Bible is telling us to fast, there’s got to be something to it, wouldn’t you agree?

The thing is that in order to understand their connection to each other. . .

You must first know the function of both, individually.

Put it this way.

Let’s say a TV satelite is emitting a signal for you to be able to turn your TV to channel 6.

However. . .

Your receiver of that channel 6 frequency just isn’t working right.

It’s jammed full of garbage and the signal is just “kind of” coming in.

But not as clearly as you would like it to.

THIS is life for most people.

Our bodies are jammed full of garbage.

And nothing seems to be going right.

You know, the most unfortunate thing about this is that most people seem to be content with these results.

“Ehh. . . I’m gonna die someday anyway.”

That’s the attitude that most people have and it is sad.

Little do they know, they could turn their lives around simply by controlling what the heck they put in their mouths.

Not only WHAT they put in their mouths, but how often.

So. . .

In a nutshell, fasting and money go hand in hand!

Let’s get into the details on how and why.

Money Is Energy and The Universe Wants Us To Be Wealthy!!!

Read that again if you want to.

Write it out. . .

And paste it above your bed. . .

Or above your mirror so that you can see it everyday.

“The Universe Wants YOU To Be Wealthy!!!”

And THIS is because nature abhors a vacuum.

If you need to pass gas, there is only a certain duration that you can hold it.

Eventually, you will get to a point of no return – it HAS to come out!

This is a third grade example I know LOL – but i’m just trying to make a point.

The universe has, believe it or not, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands. . .

And even MILLIONS of dollars that it is waiting to deliver to you!

If you don’t believe this, I challenge you.

Go outside and look at your neighbor’s yard and tell me how many blades of grass are there.

How many leaves are on all of the trees up and down your street?

That’s right – you can’t answer that question with a finite number.

The answer is that there are a COUNTLESS number of blades of grass and leaves in the world.


Because the universe ONLY knows abundance.

Abundance is the natural state of the universe.

And guess what. . .

We CAN Tap Into That Energy And Frequency!!!

The question is how?

Simply by returning to our natural sound. . .

Our natural frequency. . .

And THIS is where FASTING comes in.

Fasting OBLITERATES Any Opposing Frequencies That Don’t Belong

Fasting works wonders.

It creates miracles.

Fasting and MoneyIn fact, The Miracle of Fasting is an EXCELLENT book.

And I recommend you give it a read ( click image on the right )

But it really does, in my opinion, make our dreams come true.

Why and how?

First, it allows our bodies to be healed and turn back to their original, sound frequencies.

Did you know that the hardest thing for people to control is their oral fixation?

Why do you think there’s so many people eating all day?

Smoking all day?

Drinking all day?

What we put into our mouths is 100% related to the type of life that we are going to live.

Because we mix and blend with the energies of what we consume.

I spoke about this a while back in a different post.

We ARE What We Consume!

And if you are sitting down eating honeybuns all day, then guess what. . .

Eventually you will run into some problems.

Not to mention the chemicals that are just sprayed on all of our foods.

Boy. . . oh BOY do “they” know what they are doing to us.

I’m talking about Monsanto – the people in the Elite class who control our food supply.

Nearly everything here in the USA is Genetically Modified ( GMO ).

AND as if giving us FAKE food wasn’t enough, they decided to go the extra mile.

They put the cherry on top by loading our foods full of chemicals, toxins and free radicals to bring about a certain effect within the body.

I’ll tell you what they do. . .

They STEAL Our CHI Energy!!!

THIS is Prana. . .

Our universal power. . .

Our LIFE force. . .

And yes. . . It IS Our Power That Controls Our Money.

See, when we fast, the body cleans house.

It gets rid of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that doesn’t serve us.

That doesn’t belong in the body.

Think of it as running a comb through your hair.

When you comb your hair, the comb ONLY removes the weak hairs.

But the strong hairs remain grounded.

And this is the miracle of fasting.

Our bodies are transmitters AND receivers of this universal energy = money.

And neither of those are any good . . UNLESS we fast or do some sort of detox to get the garbage out of our bodies.

Your Prayer Vibrations Are AMPLIFIED And Start To Manifest Instantly

When you start to fast to clean house, two things happen. . .

~ Toxicity and Junk that obstruct our frequencies are removed.

~ Our natural frequencies AND the frequencies of our desires are AMPLIFIED.

That’s right – two birds with one stone.

THIS is why in the Bible it says “Ask and you shall receive.”

When we ASK for something. . .

In other words, when we PRAY. . .

Those frequencies are immediately picked up and carried out by the Universe.


Because we are sending a CLEAR signal that is not obstructed in any way by any garbage and junk.

Same thing with the TV satellite.

When there is a clear signal for channel 6 – then BAM!!!

You turn to it, clear picture, no static, nothing.

And THIS is how life is supposed to be for us.

Have you ever felt as if your prayers aren’t being answered?

Well, this is EXACTLY why.

Not to mention that most people don’t know how to pray anyways.

They get on their hands and knees and beg and plead from a position of LACK – which is the signal that they are sending out.

Prayer is simply thinking about what you want to manifest ( sending out that frequency ).

And believing it will come in ( gratitude and expectation ).

Anyways. . . I digress.

You could be called to go on a fast.

Again, if it is true that the universe WANTS us to be abundant, then why is it so hard for most of us to manifest it?

It’s because we’re not receiving properly.

I’ll tell you right now, if someone is going to give me a gift, I will receive it with open hands and arms LOL

Needless to say, there IS money waiting for you to claim it!

The problem is that it is on a different frequency that you are on currently.

So. . .

You need to go on a fast to properly cleanse your body. . .

Increase your magnetic and aura field. . .

And the money will not only start to resume its natural flow into your life.

But it will also pick up and be much more than ever.

Depending on HOW you think and what you are asking for that is.

Conclusion – Pace Yourself

As I always say. . .

With fasting, there is a price you will need to pay.

You’ve been putting junk in your body for years…

Perhaps a few decades.

And because it is nothing but GARBAGE, it won’t be so pretty coming out.

Some days you will have to run to the toilet LOL

Some days you will have headaches.

But stay strong. . . stay the course and let the universe do its job.

Everything in your body will switch over to a different mode – cleansing.

The Universe Will Take Over

And this is when things will start to get magical and you’ll be smooth sailing to a new life.

Start small – If you’ve never fasted before, start with a 24 hour fast.

ONLY pure, DISTILLED water.

Or you can use Shungite Water ==> Find Out About That Here

If the pain gets unbearable, keep an emergency granola bar, banana or apple handy.

Once you’re relieved, go back to fasting.

And everyday, push it more and more until you can do 3 days at a time.

The longer you can fast, the faster your body will clean house and restore your power back.

Let me know your thoughts and comment below with your experience or if you have any questions 🙂

Fasting and Money

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An UNBIASED Apex Profits Review

Apex Profits ReviewAre you looking for an UNBIASED, Apex Profits Review?

If so, you are definitely in the right place.

Perhaps, you’ve seen the sales page already.

And you know what Apex Profits is all about.

If so, awesome!!!

You’re a few steps ahead…

But right now, you still may be on the fence about whether or not you should purchase Apex Profits and give it a go.

Well, in this article I am going to really pull back the curtain and delve into all of that.

So. . .

Let’s start at the top…

Apex Profits Review

Does this sound good to you?

If so, then you may want to stick around because I am here to explain whether or not this is the real deal.

Or if this is just another one of those shiny, new “push-button” formulas to hit the marketplace.

First off, I totally get it if you’re skeptical about whether or not Apex Profits can actually do what it says.

Which is generate you $100+ per day. . .

Within 48 hours. . .

Utilizing just a few, simple steps. . .

Without any paid traffic, recruiting or any of the other boring old stuff that most things require you to do.

Very intriguing . . . I know and it can be difficult to believe at first.

But I know one of the creators.

I am a copywriter – I create sales pages ( I didn’t create this one LOL ) and one of the creators, SimpleSpencer, was one of my best clients.

And let me tell you something. . .

As a copywriter, you CANNOT write for garbage or “JUNK” products!

Because your reputation is on the line.

Needless to say, I have written and contributed to many sales pages for SimpleSpencer

And I can vouch 100% that whenever he launches a product. . .

Regardless of whoever his launch partner may be. . .

It IS a sure winner!

And this is coming from someone who has had a “bird’s-eye view” on many of his products.

So. . .

To come to a quick conclusion, my answer is YES you should purchase Apex Profits.

But before you do so, allow me to explain exactly why.

Apex Profits Review

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What’s Unique About Apex Profits Is In The Name of The Creator – SimpleSpencer

Apex Profits ReviewFirst, you need to understand that any, new product launch is a reflection of the creators.

In addition to that, it is what they have done in the past that also bleeds through.

Obviously Spencer and I have a history.

He was one of my BEST sales copy clients.

I spoke about that earlier.

But he chose the name SimpleSpencer as his brand name for a reason. . .

He keeps things SIMPLE!

There really is no other way to put this.

Apex Profits Review

When someone sets out to make any money online, especially nowadays, there are so many bells and whistles that get the newbies distracted.

So distracted, that they just don’t take any action whatsoever.

They don’t know what to do.

In the Internet Marketing industry, we call this the Shiny Object Syndrome LOL

Most people are running around, buying up all the hot, new products and never get a chance to take action. . .

Because they’ve gone off to something else.

But, the thing about Apex Profits is that it IS for newbies!

Personally, I like to say that you can take your typical, average Joe off the street. . .

Sit them down with SimpleSpencer’s trainings. . .

And within a few days to a week. . .

Not only will that typical, Average Joe off the street understand 100% how to make money online.

But he will ALSO start to show that he DOES understand the process thoroughly because of the results he will achieve.

Mind you, with ANY program, results aren’t typical.

And, of course, they are 100% dependent on that person’s time and effort that they are willing to put in.

However. . . 

SimpleSpencer is one of those guys who has found a way for regular, everyday people to simply COPY what he does and turn a profit.

And truth be told, you really don’t have to put too much effort in.

As long as you copy what he does, you WILL see results.

And THIS is what sets Apex Profits apart from the pack.

Furthermore, Apex Profits does NOT require any of the following:

 ~ No tech skills

 ~ No experience needed

 ~ No list required

 ~ No product creation

 ~ No launching

~  No hard work

~  No guesswork

 ~ No paid traffic

 ~ No SEO

 ~ No affiliate recruiting

 ~ No need for a big budget

 ~ No useless “theory”

Everything that I just mentioned is what people are preaching that you NEED to have in order to turn a profit online.

And THIS is just a small part of what will allow Apex Profits to blow many of the other products out of the water.

You see. . .

Making money online is a puzzle.

There are factors that need to be in the proper places in order for you to turn a profit.

But the fact is that with Apex Profits, you don’t need ANY of this!

And that speaks very highly about the methods inside for you.

Apex Profits Review

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Apex Profits Is A PROVEN $100+ Per Day Method + No RISK!!!

Mark my words that when you pick up your copy, you will be amazed at just how easy you can take your online earnings from little to no earnings at all. . .

To well over $100+ per day.

You could even take it to a few hundred dollars per day if you take the proper approach to scale it properly.

And I’ll be willing to bet that you have NEVER seen this method before.

Sure – many things claim to be new, and the techniques have never been seen before.

But again, with SimpleSpencer, he overdelivers on ALL of his products.

And to put the cherry on top?

Apex Profits Review

That’s right.

If, for some extremely, bizarre reason, you can simply shoot an email to support and request a refund and it will be honored within a 30-day period.

No questions asked.

It is always a good thing when any product comes with this.

Because it puts trust in the VALUE of the product and it ensures the creators aren’t just after the money of the clients who purchase. . .

They are genuinely out to help people turn consistent profits online.

You get results. . .

Or you get your money back.

It really is that simple.

Apex Profits Review

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Conclusion + The ONLY Bad Part About Apex Profits + My Bonus

To sum things up, I am 100% behind SimpleSpencer and Will Weatherly for their product Apex Profits.

Right now, you may be wondering. . .

What’s the bad part?

Well, depending on where you are on the work ethic scale, it will take just a little bit of effort to get things set up and to get some traffic rolling in so that you can start making money.

And as I stated earlier, as long as you follow to a T what SimpleSpencer and Will Weatherly have laid out. . .

Then you will have no issues.

But then, again, I understand that there are people who are looking for that “push-button” money machine.

Truth is. . .

It Does NOT Exist.

First, if it did, you still have to take some action to push the button LOL

Secondly, if there was something that came close, it would be Apex Profits in my opinion.

Give it an honest shot for 30 days.

I am 1,000% confident that you will see results within just a few days of applying.

But start now, give it an HONEST try. . .

And as for my bonus, if you are one of the first 20 buyers, you will qualify for a 15minute Skype or Phone call on a few tips and some of my “back pocket” methods that I keep to help you scale this much faster.

To YOUR Success!

Apex Profits Review

Apex Profits Review

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Attract Money & Abundance Subliminal

Do you have an attract money & abundance subliminal that you are using daily to reprogram your subconscious mind. . .

Change your paradigms. . .

And manifest your dream life that you KNOW you deserve?

If you do, awesome!!!

However, if you don’t, then you may want to give this a read because I have just the right information that will make you, quite literally, RUN towards using subliminal audios consistently.

Perhaps you have a history with subliminal audios.

Maybe you have used them before.

But only with little to know avail…

And the end result would be jumping to the conclusion that they just DON’T work.

Honestly, most people simply don’t believe in the Law of Attraction.

They think that it’s some type of marketing scam, scheme or ploy put on the masses to keep their wheels turning.

That could be, because the elite class and the wealthy do NOT want the real information to get out.

About 98% of us were brought up in a household where we had to WORK for money.

In fact, my parents still believe this to this day.

And yours might as well.

The truth?

It’s not about going to work for 40 hours a week to break our neck and back to build SOMEONE ELSE’S future.

It is a slap in the face of God to reject using our natural talents to get out in the world and build our OWN business and secure our OWN finances.

More than that, it is a slap in the face of that person who believes that lie and swallows it hook, line and sinker.

But then again, it is all apart of our upbringing so whoever passed down this lie is to blame LOL

However. . . 

The moment that you understand that you CAN change your life.

And mold, bend and shape your reality into WHATEVER you want it to be. . . game over.

You NOW, in that moment, accept 100% responsibility for your life.

Quite frankly, change IS easy – you just have to know how.

And this is why I am sharing with you the importance of having your own attract money & abundance subliminal audio.

Let’s get into the details.

My MOST RECOMMEND Attract Money & Abundance Subliminal

The Law of Attraction is something that I am absolutely OBSESSED with.

I just can’t get enough of it.

Actually, it is true that we do get a chemical rush to the brain when we learn about things that we do enjoy.

Attract Money Abundance Subliminal

But I digress LOL

My point is that I have been around…

I have utilized MANY techniques, money rituals, and subliminal audios in efforts to attract more money into my life.

I can count on one hand how many that have actually worked.

And THIS attract money & abundance audio from Subliminal MP3s is my most recommened…

==> CLICK HERE . .  ( Or click Image on the right )

Do you have ANY idea why most subliminal audios fail?

Before you answer that question, you must first understand the purpose of a subliminal audio.

And in order to understand the purpose of a subliminal audio LOL you must first understand how the mind works.

The mind has two parts:

~ Conscious Mind

~ Subconscious Mind

As you are reading this post, you are operating and using your Conscious Mind.

BUT. . . the Subconscious Mind is what runs the show and it is also running in the background 24/7

In order to manifest something, we must impress it upon our Subconscious Mind.

And when this happens, our vibration is altered towards that thing which was impressed upon it ( attract money ).

And from there, it moves into form.

The problem is. . .

Our Subconscious Minds have a Gate Keeper.

In Bob Proctor’s words, this is called the “Terror Barrier”

The psychological term for this is the Critical Divide.

And its MAIN job is to keep us safe and keep us within our comfort zone to help us cling on to what IS currently impressed upon our Subconscious Mind.

It does this so that we can continue to see the results that we see.

This is both a good AND a bad thing.

Bad news is you will have to put up a fight when you are attempting to change something internally to get different results externally.

The GOOD news is. . .

Once you finally DO change internally, your mind will protect it, cling onto it and accept it to be true about yourself.

And THIS, my friend, is when life becomes magical for you – almost like a complete u-turn in your life right before your eyes.

Now that you understand how the mind works, let’s get into the power of subliminals.

WHY This Attract Money & Abundance Subliminal Works

Napoleon Hill once said. . .

“Eventually, if we tell ourselves anything often enough we will get to where we will believe it – even a LIE.”

This particular point was speaking specifically about autosuggestion – which is the technique that is similar to using subliminals, but they take different paths.

Autosuggestion goes in through the front door – the Conscious Mind.

The next step is that it must HAMMER the “Terror Barrior” or the “Critical Divide” so that it can enter into the realm of where things are manifested – the Subconscious Mind.

Subliminals go through the back door

And THIS is why the attract money & abundance audio that I mentioned above is so powerful.

If you are trying to change your money situation – let’s say you want to be a millionaire.

If you tell yourself that while you are conscious, the Conscious Mind will pick it up and send it to the “Terror Barrier” to grant permission to enter into the Subconscious Mind.

BUT. . . If you don’t internally believe that you are a millionaire, it will bounce off the “Terror Barrier” and that thought will be rejected.

Needless to say, there will be some resistance.

But when you use subliminal mp3s, you don’t need permission – you sneak in through the back door because that information was given to you under the radar.

Does this make sense?

Regular audios are within hearing range.

But the subliminal audios above are out of hearing range and are drowned out by your choice of either Ocean, Fire, Wind or Thunderstorm sounds to really ensure the affirmations aren’t picked up by the Terror Barrier.

NOW. . . you should have a more clear picture on exactly how audios work.

More than that, you now know exactly why they are so powerful – especially subliminals.

Conclusion – Is The KEY To Changing Your Life Really THIS Simple?

Today, I am here to tell you that YES.

IT IS this simple.

And anyone else whose lives have been positively impacted by the Law of Attraction. . .

If I were to interview 100 people, the answer would be a RESOUNDING Yes!

The THOUGHT process of changing our lives is 99.99% of the equation.

If not, 100%.

Truth is, we don’t have to work – we ONLY have to take intuitive action.

How do we know if an action is from our higher spirit – our intuition?

We will feel good when we think about it.

That’s all we have to do.

Earlier I mentioned Napoleon Hill, who wrote the book THINK and Grow Rich.

The key word is THINK.

We have to think about being rich, wealthy and prosperous ALL of the time.

As much as we can and this brings me to my last point.

Listen to the above subliminal audio as OFTEN as possible.

All day and while you are sleep.

Even though you aren’t interacting the Terror Barrier because you’re going under the radar…

The repetition is STILL required so that you can ensure that you FIX the ideas and affirmations deep within your Subconscious Mind.

Don’t take my word for it. . .

==> Try them out for yourself! <==

Comment below and keep me posted on your results.

And please do feel free to share this with whoever you can to get the truth out about how to REALLY manifest money and secure our financial freedom 🙂

Attract Money Abundance Subliminal

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The Arigato Money Technique

arigato money techniqueHave you ever heard of something called the “Arigato Money Technique?”

Well. . .

When we’re speaking about any money techniques. . .

The Law of Attraction specifically…

There are so, many different techniques that we can apply to increase our finances.

At the end of the day, it is all about our relationship to money.

That’s right…

We MUST have a relationship with money!

That may sound crazy to a lot of people LOL

But it is true.

Sure – money is a tool.

But just as with anything in life, we get back exactly what we put out.

Relationship with money is no different than relationship with a real, human being.

It is a two way street.

And if you feel a certain way about money, money will in return feel that same way about you.

If you LOVE money, then money will LOVE you in return and you will attract a ton of it.

If you don’t feel so good about the topic of money, then that vibration will push it away.

As a matter of fact, I knew this one lady who told me she had a hard time attracting money.

I then asked her how she felt about money.

Her reply?

She said that she just didn’t feel good about it – almost as if it was bad or if it was evil.

I told her THAT is why she repels it instead of attracting it.

If you thought someone was evil, would you want to be around them??

LOL of course not!

And THIS is one of the main problems with the church teachings today.

They teach us that “money is the root of all evil” and all of this other nonsense.

Money is LIFE. . . It is FREEDOM.

And we need it to survive on this physical plane.

So why it is being looked at as the devil is beyond me – because we need it to do things here on planet earth.

And this is where many money techniques come in handy to help set our financial foundation in stone.

Furthermore, to build that relationship with money so that we can experience wealth, prosperity and abundance – which ARE our birthright!

And the Arigato Money Technique is something that will help us bring that into fruition.

Let’s get into it.

The Arigato Money Technique Is Simple Law of Attraction

So, the question is. . .

What the heck is the Arigato Money Technique?

It is a technique that was popularized by Ken Honda who is one of Japan’s biggest writers.

He has written well over 50 books in Japanese.

And he highlighted this Arigato Money Technique as the REAL secret to wealth.

As a matter of fact, he actually interviewed over 12,000 millionaires and many billionaires in the process.

And what he came up with was that ALL of them had a great relationship with money.

Specifically speaking, this technique is what they had in common.

To apply this technique, simply take a moment to close your eyes and say thank you.

And show some appreciation as you send your money away to pay for things that you want.

AND when it comes in, you take a moment, say thank you, and show the same gratitude as you welcome it back into your possession.

The word “Arigato” means to “Appreciate.”

And as you know, with anything in life, if you show appreciation and gratitude towards someone, then they tend to act a certain way towards you.

People FEEL GOOD when they know they are appreciated.

And when you outwardly express your gratitude and appreciation towards an individual, you fill them with LIFE.

And of course, when you send out good, positive vibes, they always find their way to return to you.

It’s called Karma.

Again, money is only a tool…

But will it behave the same way?

Of course!

The funny thing about money is that it is an inanimate object.

It cannot talk, but it CAN hear.

And as Bob Proctor says ” Call it and it will come.”

Let’s get into the metaphysics of WHY this works.

Why Does The Arigato Money Technique Work?

In my last point I briefly touched on this.

But when we show appreciation and gratitude towards someone or something. . .

When we say the two, magic words – THANK YOU. . .

Something magical happens within our spirit.

Our spirit, subconscious mind, is ALWAYS listening.

It picks up things that you do, think and feel in a repetitive manner.

And it also picks up on situations where there are very strong emotions involved.

Gratitude is an EXTREMELY powerful emotion.

And when your spirit senses that you express this emotion, it then picks up the people, places or things for which that gratitude was expressed.

And you know what it does?

It goes out to find those people, places and things and bring them back to you in abundance.

This IS Law of Attraction at its best.

When you do this, you send out the frequency that basically speaks directly to your spirit ” Yes – more of THIS or more of THAT.”

ALL of this falls under the one goal that we are to achieve while we are on this physical plane.

It Is To Be Happy

And anything that our spirit can pick up that even remotely makes us happy. . .

It will give us more as long as we are thankful and appreciative of it.

Not to get biblical, but there is a scripture on this.

Matthew 13:12 says:

“For whoever has, to him more will be given, and he will have abundance; but whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him.”

This is directly relating towards our gratitude.

When we are grateful and show appreciation, more will be added unto us.

And we will have an abundance of it as long as we are grateful and appreciative.

On the contrary, if we do not appreciate the things we are given, we will see less and less of them.

So, if you find a dollar on the ground, give gratitude to the universe!

Personally, I like to say THANK YOU! three times and I really try to FEEL the gratitude and appreciation.

The universe could have delivered this 1 dollar bill to anyone else.

But it decided to give it to me and for that, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

THAT is how you have to be.

And when you are filled with that gratitude and appreciation frequency, mark my words that your life will become MAGICAL.


This, too, is one of the most well-kept secrets of the Law of Attraction.

It is simple – Gratitude.

The more we express gratitude in our lives, the MORE things we attract to us to be grateful for.

Have you taken a moment today to say THANK YOU today?

Maybe you haven’t.

If not, do it NOW.

I don’t care your life situation.

Whatever it is, we ALL have something to be thankful for at the end of the day.

And if you notice your finances going a way that you don’t want, then start appreciating what you DO have.

You could be on your last dollar.

Show love, and gratitude for it.


And I promise you, that you will watch what you have start to multiply right in front of your eyes.

You cannot receive $1,000 from the universe if you first aren’t grateful for $1.

It makes no sense!

So, right now, start to utilize the Arigato Money Technique.

Arigato Your Money!

And comment below to let me know how it has changed your life.

Please do feel free to share with anyone you think would benefit 🙂

Arigato Money Technique

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Is Thought Field Therapy A Scam?

thought field therapy scamIs thought field therapy a scam?

Or maybe you’ve never heard of this kind of therapy.

Thought Field Therapy is a treatment that was developed and brought to light by an American Psychologist by the name of Roger Callahan.

And it has been reported to serve as a good treatment to heal many mental and physical aliments in the body.

In a nutshell, you basically tap at meridian points on the face, hands and upper body.

People have reported that it has helped with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD ), Anxiety, Depression, and many other aliments.

So. . . The question is…

Is Thought Field Therapy A Scam?

Does it really work?

Or is this just some marketing ploy that Roger Callahan wanted to use to get some exposure LOL

Now, there are people who do that in today’s day and age for sure.

They come up with their “bread and butter”. . . their “baby” if you will, and when that gets them attention and recognition…

More specifically, social status, that is when they can market themselves to make a fortune.

But at the same time, people who have been stricken with serious mental and physical aliments have reported repeatedly that thought field therapy is NOT a scam.

And that, YES, it actually DOES work!

These are serious aliments and for people to get up and lie about that would just be far, too much of a stretch.

Best of all, Thought Field Therapy, otherwise known as the Callahan technique, is COMPLETELY FREE!

So, it’s not like you have hundreds or even thousands of dollars to lose when compared and put up against other treatments that promise they work lol.

Personally, I have used Thought Field Therapy.

And I am here to tell you, 100%, that indeed it DOES work.

Some days when I wake up I am not as energized or i just have too much on my mind,

And because I have seen benefits from it, I take a couple moments to perform Thought Field Therapy.

It boosts my mood….

AND if you use it properly with the Law of Attraction, you can be, do or have anything that you want in life.

Thought Field Therapy & The Law of Attraction Go Hand In Hand

If we get a bird’s eye view of Thought Field Therapy, the MAIN objective of it is to boost your mood and make you FEEL GOOD.

Don’t I always say that THIS is the key when focusing on the things that you want be, do or have in life?

It truly is the one factor between manifesting your desires and pushing them away.

When we are feeling good, we are sending out a positive vibration.

And if we think about what we want at the same time, two things are happening.

One – we are sending out a POWERFUL magnetic frequency for that thing that we want to be, do or have, so the attraction is heightened.

Two – we are sending out a signal of GRATITUDE and we feel as if we already have it in our lives to be thankful for.

Because when it comes to the Law of Attraction…

The TRUTH is that we don’t manifest the things that we WANT…

We manifest the things that we believe that we ARE or the things that we believe that we already HAVE.

That’s why they say “ACT AS IF” and it will come.

And Thought Field Therapy goes hand in hand with this.

You can use it with your Law of Attraction meditations and practices.

OR you can simply use Thought Field Therapy when something brings you down and you’re not feeling as good as you normally would.

It’s a great tool to keep in your back pocket.

For me, whenever I get some “bad” news, I use Thought Field Therapy to change my frequency to turn that situation around.

That’s right – no matter how “bad” something may look or seem, YOU have the power to catch it, and flip a switch to bounce it back in the other direction.

It all comes back to the vibration that we emit to the universe – this is the foundation of what we attract in life.

And Thought Field Therapy is the perfect technique to help us keep ourselves in alignment with positive things.

Here Are The Proper Thought Field Therapy Tapping Points

If you’re researching Thought Field Therapy, perhaps you’ve heard about it and know some of the points.

But if not, here’s a list of the points where you should tap:

~ Middle of eyebrows ( Third Eye area )

~ Cheek bones ( on the sides of the nose )

~ Upper lip ( in the groove under the nose )

~ Chin ( in the groove at the point )

~ Collarbone areas ( both sides )

~ Right Rib cage ( about 6 inches underneath arm pit )

~ Left fleshy part of your hand by the pinky finger.

~ Right fleshy part of your hand by the pinky finger.

~ Right side of your pinky nail on your left hand.

~ Right side of your index nail on your left hand.

~ The groove in between the pinky and ring fingers on your left hand ( on back of hand )

~ Rub your left pectoral muscle ( fleshy part just to the left of the heart )

And those are the points.

Also, if you wanted to do them in THIS order, that is perfectly fine – it is what I do.

It may take you a few times of applying Thought Field Therapy before you have all of these points memorized.

You may forget a couple at first LOL

But that’s okay!

Once you get a handle on it, it’s smooth sailing from there on.

You CAN Tap What You Want Into Existence With Thought Field Therapy!

Can we really tap into existence?

Sure – we’ve heard of “speaking” things into existence.

But tapping?

It may sound a bit weird, but it’s true.

When we tap these meridian points, it affects our thought field in a POSITIVE way.

That’s why we call it Thought Field Therapy.

Our thoughts and what we think, dictate how we feel.

How we feel dictates our actions.

Based off of our actions we get a specific result.

And then back around to the top, that affects how we think again.

So, as you can see, it is a cycle that directly links to our paradigms and our human behavior.

But the point specifically I want to focus on are the thoughts and how we feel.

When we tap with Thought Field Therapy, the end result is we FEEL GOOD.

However, when we say a specific mantra or things that we want to be, do or have WHILE we are tapping the meridian points.

Simultaneously, we are sending out the frequency of that thought, AND we are feeling good.

Does this make sense?

So, earlier I mentioned that you can use Thought Field Therapy in your Law of Attraction meditations and practices.

This is how you should use it and it is what I do everyday on a daily basis.

It directly affects our aura – thought field – Merkabah – energy field – or whatever you want to call it.

The simplest title to give this is the mind.

And any dominating thought held in the mind with repetition while we are feeling good is magnetically attracted to us.



At the end of the day, it works for me.

All I can say is give Thought Field Therapy a shot.

Do I believe it’s a scam?

Absolutely not, because I can actually tell a difference in my mood once I apply the technique.

Also, there have been things that I have manifested from applying Thought Field Therapy.

I could go deep into the metaphysics of why it works, but that’s irrelevant.

All you need to know is that it works.

You can do this everyday to further boost your mood from where it is.

Or, you can keep it in your back pocket for when something “bad” happens.

Personally, I do both!

Again, give it a shot.

Feel free to comment below and let me know how it worked for you 🙂

thought field therapy scam

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The Benefits of A Mantra

The Benefits of A MantraThe benefits of a mantra are ASTOUNDING to say the least.

Mantras have been around for thousands of years.

And they are still being used today.

By the highest Monks, Yogis and so on and so forth.

The reason being?

They WORK!

There are mantras for everything that we can attract to us on this physical plane.

Health. . . Wealth. . . Love. . . Happiness. . . Protection. . .

You name it, there is a mantra for it.

Usually, mantras are in a language that we call Sanskrit.

Sanskrit is the ancient language that many Indian and Hindu poems and scriptures were written in back down in history.

Any Sanskrit mantras are often referred to as “words of power.”

This is because they are often the RAW vibration of whatever it is that we are trying to manifest and speak into our existence.

It even says in Genesis that “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God, and the word was God.”

This scripture alone tells us the power of sound in general.

Specifically, this scripture is referring to the mantra “OM” which is the primordial sound of anything else to follow.

In fact, scientists did a study and recorded the frequency and sound being emitted by the earth.

It was indeed the “OM” sound at 7.83hz – which is the Schumann Resonance.

Everything that we can see, touch and feel relates to the Schumann Resonance, because this is the primordial energy. . .

The foundation, if you will, of everything that exists.

And if we were to get into the platonic solids of this energy, this is where sacred geometry comes into place.

( cough ) . . The Sri Yantra  . . . ( cough, cough ).

LOL no wonder I am a huge fan of it and I preach it so much because it IS divine order.

It is a two-dimensional figure that produces three-dimensional results and as I have said previously, it is the RAW fabric of wealth and abundance itself.

And when you work with a specific mantra, it can produce the same results and effects within the body and mind as meditating on the Sri Yantra.

Personally, I chant mantras everyday for at least a few hours and I try to fit anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 chants in.

Because on this physical plane, there is nothing but LIGHT and SOUND.

As Tesla put it, energy, frequency and vibration.

But if we want to simplify things, all we have on this earth plane are just light and sound.

Not only is everything energy vibrating at a certain frequency, but it is also light that has a specific sound.

I won’t get too deep into mantras – but they DO work and are extremely effective if you dedicate yourself to do them consistently.

Now, let’s go over some benefits…

A Mantra Can Improve Your Health

When you chant a mantra, the sound actually travels through all 35 trillion of your cells.

This is powerful, because with sound you have the ability to change the structure of each individual cell.

( a little bit more on this later )

And you can bring about certain health effects.

Chanting a mantra can:

~Lower your blood pressure

~Lower your resting heart rate

~Boost your mood

~Increase biophoton levels

And so much more.

All of these things are great, but the two that I want to highlight are the last two points.

When we are working with the Law of Attraction, the NUMBER ONE thing that you have to do is make sure you are FEELING GOOD.

Because when you feel good, you are emitting a positive frequency.

At the same time, if you are to think about the thing that you would like to manifest, you are AMPLIFYING the Law of Attraction process. . .

And with that, whatever you are thinking about should come toward you as quickly as possible.

In some cases, you could manifest something instantly.

Our mood and our biophotons go hand in hand.

Those who are in a good mood, feeling good and tend to be happier than others have a high biophoton level.

We can simplify it further if we just look at the word. . . bio – photon

Your bio is YOU and photon is another word for quantum light particle.

I know – this is extremely congruent with everything that I talk about LOL

Your happiness is dependent on the amount of LIGHT that you are holding in your body.

Pure LIGHT, Prana, Mana, CHI is a magnet and powerful conductor of good frequencies and acts as a repellent to negative frequencies.

A Mantra Can Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

You should have seen this one coming LOL

So, the way that mantras work is that you get comfortable – preferably sitting upright or in the Lotus position. . .

And you chant the mantra – the SOUND – over and over and over again.

Subconsciously, you are picking up the vibration of exactly what this Sanskrit mantra is sending out.

So is your entire aura, energy field and Merkabah.

Consciously, you don’t have to know exactly what the mantra means.

Quite frankly, that is irrelevant.

The reason is because we are dealing with energy, frequency, vibration – LIGHT and SOUND.

And if you are working with the RAW, pitch vibration of a particular thing that you want to attract or manifest, it will defy any other law.

Because the most powerful law on earth, which is a constant, is the Law of Attraction.

Like frequencies MUST snap together – As Albert Einstein said, it can be NO other way!

Deep down, and depending on how often you chant a certain sound, it will start to build new, neural pathways in your brain.

And once these neural pathways are well-grooved, you will eventually get to a point to where you are unconsciously emitting that vibration and it is on autopilot.

For example, if you are chanting the money mantra – Om Kleem Shreem Brzee . . .

Eventually, you will have a well-grooved streak in your brain that will emit this vibration for you without you having to physically chant it.

Speaking of Om Kleem Shreem Brzee ===> Read My Article On It Here

With all of this in mind, find a mantra that you would like to reprogram into your subconscious mind.

A tip is if you look at your life as it is and find an area you don’t like, find a mantra to give you the opposite result.

If you’re struggling with finances, then the Om Kleem Shreem Brzee mantra is for you.

A Mantra Will Change Your Light Code

Everything about you is unique because the cells of your body are emitting a specific light code.

We all have one.

At the end of the day, we all are pure LIGHT, and Source Energy…

But we are sectioned off into little, unique and individual pieces.

This is what makes you, YOU!

The way you look, walk, talk, act, sound, etc.

And when you start chanting a mantra, you will start to pull in more biophotons. . .

More LIGHT, Prana, CHI energy and you will start to look vibrant and almost have a glow to you.

Your frequency will pick up.

And if you dedicate two months to chanting a mantra consistently, and for many times throughout the day, you WILL look different.

Believe it or not, you will look better.

Because you will be wielding more light and your body will resume back to its natural, sacred geometrical pattern which is according to the Schumann Resonance.

If we get a bit deeper, you will return back to your original light code at birth.


Everything that I have mentioned are just a few of the benefits of chanting a mantra.

There are many more.

Mantras are words of power.

They pull more light into your being, and with SOUND, you can successfully manipulate the ethers and glitch the matrix to be, do or have whatever it is that you want to manifest on this earth plane.

The churches don’t tell us this, because they don’t want us to know our TRUE power – they’d rather lead us astray.

But you’ve heard it here.

Do your research, pick a mantra that you can stay consistent with and start chanting.

Starting out, I recommend the OM mantra.

The Benefits of A Mantra

This will start raise your biophoton levels and do some wonderful things for your chakras.

Get yourself some mala beads as well ( click image on the right ).

This way, you can count 108 repetitions of each mantra and THIS number is the number of completion.

Each set of 108 repetitions is one push of the button to draw towards you whatever it is you’re trying to manifest.

So, the key is to push the button as many times as possible.

Stay consistent, hit HIGH numbers and you will witness the benefits first hand.

The Benefits of A Mantra

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The BEST Ways To Make Money Online As A College Student

The Best Ways To Make Money Online As A College StudentSure, there are many ways of doing so. . .

But you’re here, because you’re looking for the BEST ways to make money online as a college student.

Boy, oh boy does this ring a bell for me LOL

I remember when I was that kid back in college. . .

At Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio. . .

I knew one thing, and one thing only for sure.

It was that I DIDN’T want to work the 40-40-40 plan.

You know – where you trade 40 years of your life, to work 40 hours per week and only to retire on 40% of your income.

I knew that I didn’t want THAT life.

Quite frankly, it’s not life and no disrespect to those who have chosen to go that path, it just wasn’t for me.

My true purpose is to be rich and wealthy in life by leveraging the internet.

Most of all, it is to be FREE!

And show others how to duplicate my results so that they too can free themselves.

This system is a built-in slavery system.

And the ONLY two ways to get out of it are to either check out, or buy your way out.

Clearly you are a fan of the latter.

Because if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be reading this post right now.

And I can assure you, I am 100% qualified to speak on this subject.

After making well over 6 figures online and heading to millions at just 27 years young, I don’t plan on stopping.

Because my mission and my purpose haven’t been fulfilled as of yet.

It all started with my laptop and a dream LOL

And perhaps you’re in that position right now.

Follow my lead, and I will help you prosper not only while you’re in college. . .

But also make sure you’re set up nicely once you graduate.

First, You MUST Understand This Money-Making Equation

We can thank Albert Einstein and his genius, thinking ability for the equation that I am about to share with you.

Whether you aspire to make money online, or offline, this equation will come in handy.

It IS how money works.

When you are exchanging goods and value for monetary means – that is.

Here it is…

Traffic + Conversion = Income

Write it down.

Memorize it.

Because wherever you are in the world, as long as you have something to offer for monetary exchange, THIS is the equation that must be in place to turn a profit.

However, the way to focus on that equation is a bit spun around.

First, you will need something to exchange for monetary means – Conversion.

You will need a product and/or service that you can offer to people who are looking for it – Traffic.

And once you successfully convert that traffic, the last portion of the equation will automatically take care of itself.

So. . . From a bird’s eye view. . .

Your Product/Service ( Conversion ) + Traffic ( People With Cash In Hand Who Want Your Product/Service ) = Income ( Money In Your Pocket ).

Does This Make Sense?

I know you may be a bit anxious LOL

But the foundation has to be laid down – You must FIRST understand the flow of money when it comes to exchanging value and goods.

Now, let’s get on to the good stuff.

Start A Blog

This is something that I HIGHLY recommend.

The reason being is because having a blog allows you to tap into a HUGE online money pie…

Yep – Google Search Engine Traffic.

Even better is that you can get TONS of traffic looking at your content for FREE!

Sure, you have to go through some training to learn how to properly do Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) so that you can rank blog posts on the first page of Google.

And this is why I recommend signing up for Wealthy Affiliate ==> Click Here To Sign Up

Personally, I am a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community.

And in all of my 10 years, I have NEVER seen a better community that offers the proper support.

AND I have NEVER seen better training offered to allow a complete nobody, to have their own profit-generating online business up and running within just a couple weeks.

Mind you, Wealthy Affiliate does come with a $47/month membership, but take my word for it when I tell you that it is worth every penny.

Actually, don’t – I recommend you give it a shot and see for yourself.

They give you a free test drive for the first 10 days to see if it is a good fit.

9 times out of 10, those who sign up for the free 10 days are converted into Premium members because they understand that the VALUE they get in return dramatically outweighs what they are paying for it.

Go ahead ==> Sign Up for Wealthy Affiliate

Also, reach out to me via Facebook @ Mayers Jay or on Wealthy Affiliate @ NazirYahshua and I will show you step by step on what to do to get up and running and in profit ASAP.

Arbitrage Things From Yard Sales + Craigslist

Stick with me on this one…

One day, it was like this idea just came out of left field I swear LOL

I was in need of some quick cash.

However, I did have some cash on me that I wanted to leverage to make more cash – More on Leverage later 😉

So, I got a nudge to go on Craigslist to see if I can buy something for an extremely low price. . .

And then turn around to sell it for at least double of what I paid for it.

Needless to say, I found a TON of products that I could do that with.


Truth be told. . .

Most people who put things out in yard sales or up for sale on Craigslist ( or other similar sites ) are desperate for cash

LOL seriously.

They will take anything and often at times, you can even jack the price down as low as you can or negotiate with them a deal.

The key is to hold your ground and act as if you have other options and they WILL compromise.

Trust me LOL

Once you meet them in person and verify the VALUE of that particular product, you can then offer them the cash to purchase it.

Once you have it, go to eBay and resell it.

OR, ( this is what I did most of the time ) . . IF you have a local pawn store near you, bring it in to them to sell it.

Don’t take a loan on it – SELL IT – because obviously, you will have to pay back the loan.

Once you sell it to them FOR profit, ALL parties win.

The person you bought it from got their quick, desperate cash – WIN.

You sold the item to the pawn shop FOR profit – WIN.

The pawn shop will now sell it to someone else for profit – WIN.

THIS is the true meaning of business!

Business is a WIN-WIN situation.

Always has been and always will be.

And you want to make sure you keep this mindset while doing this.

Because if you try to get over on someone, I can guarantee you it will make its way back to you.

Start An Affiliate Marketing Business

Earlier, I stated that you should ==> Sign Up For A Wealthy Affiliate membership.

If you decide to start an Affiliate Marketing Business, then that membership will certainly come in handy.

The purpose of it is in the name – to teach you how to become a Wealthy Affiliate.

In addition to Wealthy Affiliate, I recommend you get a ClickBank account – It IS FREE!

ClickBank is one of the best Affiliate marketplaces where you can simply promote products and/or services and receive a check in the mail.

No website building. . .

No HTML or none of the “techy” stuff. . .

No shipping and handling of orders or delivery of services. . .

Just drive traffic to an affiliate link of a product of your choice and get a check in the mail.

It is JUST that simple.

Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with some traffic methods that you can utilize to send the right buyers to your affiliate links.

Again, reach out to me via WA or Facebook and I will help you to set yourself up for success.

A Tip To Make Some Offline Cash

Depending on your situation, you may be in need of some quick cash and you don’t have any cash on you.

Go to a CSL Plasma near you and donate plasma.

Not sure if their payment structure has changed.

But the first couple times they give you $50.

And thereafter, you can consistently pull anywhere from $300-$500 per month.

Which is pretty good for just laying there for about 45 minutes LOL

Keep in mind that donating your blood plasma does NOT harm your body in any way.

Your body makes TONS of plasma within a 24 hour period and within a few hours of donating, your body easily has replaced every ounce.

The key to a successful donation is to make sure you get a good amount of protein and iron, and make sure that you have an adequate water intake on a daily basis.

Back in the day, I was pounding a gallon per day and eating TONS of protein so I was overqualified LOL

The Missing Piece To The Financial Freedom Puzzle

There is ONE missing piece to the financial freedom puzzle.

Why this isn’t taught in schools is beyond me.


After you put these methods into place, you will start to have some extra spending cash that you could set to the side.

OR. . .

You can find a vehicle that you can invest in to leverage what you do have to put your money to work for you.

Personally, I always preach what I call The Big 3 – Gold, Silver and Cryptocurrency.

If you know a buddy that does binary options trading or forex trading, ask him to draw up a contract and trade your money for you for a percentage of the profits.

My point is that saving does NOT make you rich.

And keeping your money in CASH will only allow it to wait around for you to spend it up.

So, leverage it – put it to work for you while you are still working these methods.

And eventually, you will have enough leverage working in your favor.

And you’ll be in a position to where you can work if you CHOOSE to.

NOT because you HAVE to.

Conclusion – This Formula Has Been Proven

That’s right – this formula has been proven by yours truly.

It has worked for me.

And I am sure it will work for you if you give it an honest shot.

It all starts with a decision.

And, of course, you have to have the right mindset.

Because it is easy to just go out and get a job.

But to really put our thinking caps on and come up with creative ways to ethically and legitimately turn a profit requires a bit of thought power.

Then again, it isn’t rocket science – but it does require some effort.

All I can say is give this formula a shot.

Perhaps this formula may not be a good fit for you and it could steer you towards something that is.

Either way, it is still a success.

Because the point of this is to tell you what has worked for me.

But most of all, to get your creative juices flowing to allow YOU to come up with ways where you can free yourself financially.

Feel free to comment down below and keep me posted on your progress 🙂

The Best Ways To Make Money Online As A College Student

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Fasting and the Law of Attraction

Image result for sacred geometry gifSo. . .

You’re looking for more information on fasting and the law of attraction. . .

Without a shadow of a doubt, you’re in the right place – this is my second language LOL

I fast every, single day.

Well – I do more of what is called Intermittent Fasting where I abstain from eating food for most of the day.

Normally, just Shungite Water and a couple cups of coffee until 3-4 hours before I go to bed.

Then I eat and not only does it keep my body in great shape. . .

But there are also some things that I noticed spiritually and manifesting more material wealth.

In other words – the Law of Attraction.

In order to understand why fasting and the Law of Attraction goes hand in hand, you have to understand how energy works.

As I always repeat, Tesla once said:

“Everything is energy vibrating at a certain frequency.”

There is nothing on this planet that is solid – Not even you.

Everything vibrates, nothing rests – this is a Law and both Physics and Science tells us this.

The ONLY thing that separates a chair from an apple is the vibration.

More specifically, SOUND.

I will get into a different post on why SOUND is so important to manipulate the ethers to manifest what we want in life.

But your body emits a specific SOUND that is unique to you.

You LOOK and you ARE the way you are because of the unique vibration and sound waves that you are emitting.

When things aren’t going right in life, it is all a matter of returning back to your original sound waves.

And no wonder fasting is listed a plethora of times throughout the bible.

It serves the purpose to keep our Holy Temple healthy.

AND, in the book of Mark, Jesus told the disciples that the reason why they didn’t cast the demon out of the little boy was because they prayed, but they did not FAST.

That being said, fasting does relate to our power and the things that we can do and manipulate on this earth plane.

So, let’s get into it.

Fasting Keeps You Healthy

As I said briefly, fasting keeps us healthy and helps to keep our Holy Temple in proper order.

Nowadays, our problem is that we are simply eating too much.

Not only this, we are eating too much of the WRONG things.

Most of us are eating all day, everyday aimlessly and with no health and fitness goals whatsoever.

We justify it because donuts, cookies and cheeseburgers taste so good.

We tell ourselves that we are happy when we really aren’t – we just say that because we don’t want to go through the pain to change.

Well, fasting isn’t easy LOL and believe me when I tell you, it will catch up to you.

Furthermore, there will be a major price to pay.

That is if you live life just eating anything and everything in sight, for as long as you want to.

There will be health problems and it just so happens that the ONE THING that we can do to reverse these health problems is to stop eating.

Western Medicine doesn’t want us to know this – this is why we are bombarded with food advertisement after food advertisement throughout the day and on the TV.

If normal, everyday people were to dedicate a couple days out of the week to fasting, do you have ANY idea how much the medicines and health related issues would decrease?

They would go down DRAMATICALLY!

Because fasting gives our bodies time to REST and HEAL.

In addition to that, it gives our bodies ample amounts of time to charge back up properly.

Think of your body as a battery with a bunch of junk on it.

How can the power properly flow through the battery if there is so much acid and corrosion on the prongs.

We need to get rid of the junk and stop adding to it.

Only THEN will it return to its natural alkaline state and resume its FULL power.

Power for what you may ask?

Glad you asked!

I am talking about our electricity, our CHI energy, our magnetic energy that we can use to manipulate the ethers to manifest what we want in life.

And with that, this leads into my next point.

Fasting AMPLIFIES The Law of Attraction

My last point kind of goes hand in hand with this one.

As our bodies get cleaner, we slowly get our power back.

Mind you, EVERYTHING is energy vibrating at a certain frequency.

And believe it or not, you have things inside of you that are vibrating at the frequency of the things that you DON’T want to manifest.

Such as the late payment, the health problems, the broken up relationship, etc.

That’s right – everything that you don’t want in life is a sum total of your thoughts.

It is also a cause of the things that are not supposed to be in your body.

The toxicity, the heavy metals, the candida, the illnesses, sickness and dis-eases.

All of these things have the foundation of foreign matter within the body.

BUT, it all starts with our thoughts and the things that affect HOW we think.

When we remove the garbage inside of us, we do get our power back.

Our original CHI energy and original electric flow that moves through us.

Call this the breath of life, call it pure consciousness, call it Source Energy – whatever you want to call it, it all refers to this MASSIVE universal energy that permeates our body at every second.

If we go a bit deeper, the things we DO want to manifest also are vibrating at a certain frequency.

Our CHI energy that flows through us is fueling both the things we DO want as well as the things we DON’T want.

However. . .

And This Is Where Things Get Interesting. . .

What do you think would happen if we were to remove the garbage inside us that doesn’t belong?

If we were to starve out those BAD thoughts and all of the toxicity in our bodies that don’t belong to us. . .

That only offer a vibration that DOESN’T serve us. . .

It only makes sense for that CHI to AMPLIFY the vibrations of the things that we DO want.

Does this make sense?

Whether it makes sense or not, this is EXACTLY what happens.

Fasting and The Law of Attraction

And the more we AMPLIFY this CHI energy that runs through us by practicing a regular fasting regimen…

I like to say, the more of a “magician” we become.

Because you will eventually get to a point to where you think of something that you do want and you instantly start seeing evidence of that particular thought already manifesting.

Let me put this into perspective.

If you walk out in the sun, you just feel the warmth of the sun – surely we all can agree to this.

But if you take a magnifying glass and you hold it over your hand while you’re out in the sun. . .

Then you WILL burn yourself LOL – ( of course don’t go out and do this I’m just making a point ).

This power that we have – this invisible FORCE is very similar.

We can utilize a little to none of it – which, unfortunately, is what most people do in life.

OR we can utilize as much of it as we can to create the life that we want and be, do or have the things that we want.

Star Wars is REAL People LOL

We REALLY DO have the force within us.

And we can command it to do whatever we wish and we can AMPLIFY the vibrations and frequencies of whatever we choose to manifest in the blink of an eye.

Conclusion – Pace Yourself

Obviously, I am NOT expecting you to just pull away from eating foods and start fasting.

You have to pace yourself.

Because keep in mind, you are healing and you are CLEANING your body.

Therefore, there WILL be detox symptoms.

Remember when I said there was a price you’ll need to pay?

Well, this is it.

I had to pay it.

As a matter of fact, I pay it every, single day.

But as I wake up, everyday is new and my body is cleaner and cleaner.

And I am resuming back to my natural, POWERFUL, alkaline state.

Maybe you can’t do OMAD – or One Meal A Day.

Personally, that’s what I do, but you will need to start by going as long as you can without food.

Notice how your body feels.

Get to know thyself.

Keep an emergency granola bar with you for when you feel that you’ve reached your limit.

Keep track of how long you have fasted and everyday try to raise the bar higher.

Couple this with lots of pure, DISTILLED water, and adopting a diet regimen of more fresh fruits and vegetables.

And in no time, you will have resumed your natural, co-creative, God-like power to manipulate the ethers and manifest the things that you want.

Just as Jesus did, and all of the great biblical figures that have come before us.

Feel free to comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts and your progress 🙂

Fasting and The Law of Attraction

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How To Cure Coronavirus?

how to cure coronavirus

Are you looking for ways on how to cure coronavirus?

If so, then this article is a MUST READ!!!

You know. . .

I thought long and hard about whether or not I should write an article on this subject matter.

The reason being is because it just isn’t congruent with the content that I usually post on my site.

However. . .

It IS congruent with one of the topics that I speak about very often.

In fact, it is about a practice that I do almost everyday.

And if you were smart, you would do this as well.

Not only to prevent yourself from contracting the coronavirus. . .

But ALSO to possibly cure yourself of this disease entirely.

I may get a TON of smoke for this post.

But I am always for LIFE. . .

And when I know some information that I believe will help to save the lives of thousands, or even millions of people, then I’m not going to hold my tongue.

Furthermore, I would be doing a HUGE disservice to my fellow man that I am on this planet with.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into it.

The Method on HOW To Cure Coronavirus

I should have said this at the beginning of the article. . .

But I will NEED you to approach this information with nothing but an OPEN mind.

It may seem so, stupidly simple that most people will go right over it. . .

And honestly, they will dismiss it because it just sounds like one of those things that is just too good to be true.

But I am here to tell you, right here, RIGHT NOW, that if you take my advice. . .

This will DRAMATICALLY increase your chances to cure coronavirus

Obviously – I cannot make any promises and legally, I have to say that you must consult your family doctor before trying anything ( which is a complete joke ).

But I will explain to you the mechanics of exactly WHY this works and how this basic knowledge is almost impossible to be detrimental to your health in any way, shape or form.


Okay. . . here it is.

Drink LOTS of pure, DISTILLED Water.

That’s it – it is JUST that simple.

If we look at the human body, it is made up of approximately 90% pure water.

In fact, the only reason why you are still alive right now is simply because your blood is moving rapidly through your veins.

I have said this before, and I will say it again.

The foundation of your blood is pure, DISTILLED water.

When water is DISTILLED, this allows it to be the fastest moving water in existence at the molecular level.

Another point on DISTILLED water that is equally important is its magnetic properties.

And this leads into my next point.

WHY This Method Works

When we consume, pure, DISTILLED water, it goes on a seek and destroy mission within our body.

The reason being is because pure, DISTILLED water has a negative electrical charge to it.

And anything within our bodies that is not supposed to be there is positively charge to us.

That being said, when we start flowing TONS of pure, DISTILLED water through our bodies, it will literally start to rip apart all toxicity, garbage and any foreign matter that causes any type of dis-ease within the body.

Why do you think mechanics pour pure, DISTILLED water on batteries to clear off the acid?

More than that, why do you think it works?

It’s because they KNOW that the distilled water has a negative charge to it and the acidity of the battery prongs needs to be neutralized and returned back to an alkaline state.

When this happens – the battery recovers its full power and starts the car right up.

Our bodies are the same way.

Whenever we get junk clogged inside of us, we start to lose our power.

We have less electricity – CHI energy flowing through our bodies and our vibration starts to go lower and lower.

Our vibration and frequency are the EXACT reasons as to why we attract things such as health issues and dis-eases.

Drinking DISTILLED water not only will raise our vibration. . .

But it will return our bodies back to their natural, clean, alkaline state.

Basic magnetics will tell us this.

Why does the water get dirty when we wash our hands? Our clothes? Our cars?

There are so many examples to prove that the original function of water is to CLEAN.

And nothing else.


I cannot stress this enough.

Drink as much as you can – you need a RIVER of pure water running through your system to make it effective.

There is no need to add any minerals or salts to your water – this is total nonsense and will only WEAKEN the powerful toxicity magnet that pure distilled water is.

My recommendation is that you start with a gallon and try to push it up to 2 gallons per day if you can.

Again, this is a great method to cure coronavirus AND prevent yourself from contracting it.

Because in real time, the pure, DISTILLED water is increasing your vibration – which is basically making your body a repellent to the coronavirus frequency. . .

And IF anything were to enter your bloodstream that could be lethal in any way, it is instantly consumed and eaten up by the negatively charged bath of molecules from the distilled water.


Clearly, I am not a health official.

I am not a doctor in any way, shape or form – look at the picture and you’ll see i don’t have a stethoscope and a white coat.

I’m just a man who understands how the body works.

Most importantly, a man who understands how to CLEAN the body properly, and has the original instruction manual for our holy temple.

All I can say is give this a shot – If you truly are knocking at death’s door, you have absolutely NOTHING to lose. . .

But EVERYTHING to gain.

Most people who read this will think it’s some sort of joke.

Truth is, you don’t need to understand HOW distilled water rips apart the garbage and anything inside us that doesn’t belong.

The HOW is completely irrelevant – just like gravity. If you walk off the top of a building, you will go down.

With distilled water, if you consume it, it MUST go on a seek and destroy mission and get rid of anything that doesn’t belong within the body.

Basic magnetics tells us this.

If you or a friend, family member or colleague are suffering from the coronavirus – please do share this article with them.

Again, I can totally get some smoke for this – but I don’t care.

This man-made virus needs to be put to rest.

It is total nonsense and it is very unfortunate that it is spreading like wildfire and killing people.

So once again, if you come across this article, please do share it with anyone that you think may be in need so that they can get their life back.

how to cure coronavirus